Visitors & New Members

New to St. Mark’s?

We’d love to worship with you!

We gather Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00 for worship, and you can join in 8:30 worship online. Faith formation for all ages is at 9:45.

We are a joyful, vibrant Christian community who enjoys worshiping together, fellowship, and practicing generous acts of service for our family, our community, and our world.

We welcome and include all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, appearance, or anything else that may divide us.

Planning your visit

We’re just across from Harris Teeter and Trader Joes, and you can enter our parking lot from Merrimon Ave or E. Chestnut St. Most folks come in the building through the main doors at the covered drive, then come up the stairs or elevator to the sanctuary. Yes, almost everybody enters by the doors at the front of the room.

No, you’re not disturbing anything—come on in!


We have them and we love them! And we know they sometimes (usually?) make noise, but we don’t mind. Children are a valued part of our worshipping community, and we know they are formed by being in worship. If there is a need for some space away, a nursery is available through the door on the left front of the sanctuary.

Want to learn more about the congregation?

The first Sunday of each month we host a “Landmarks” session to orient newcomers, the curious, and folks inquiring about membership. No need to register, just meet us at the bottom of the main stairs at 9:45 the first Sunday of each month for conversation.

Have questions?

We are here to equip lives of discipleship, and we’re happy to help answer logistical questions of theological ones. Give us a call or send us a message, and let’s talk!